This is Cassie Signing Off

This blog is dedicated to all of the dogs in foster care with rescue groups or individuals, and all the lucky dogs that have been through this house before me, only some of which are pictured above.

From Cassie’s Foster Parents

Cassie ended up with a wonderful family and we’ll never forget the small part she played in our family while in foster care.  Cassie wanted us to thank everyone that made her adoption and transition from neglected stray to loved family member possible.


My Forever Family

Who knew it would be such an incredibly great day to be a dog today.  When foster mom and dad said we were having company this afternoon, I had no idea it was going to end with me meeting my new forever family!  I have a real mom and dad and a real brother and sister now and I’m so happy.  They brought two new collars and leashes for me and loads of toys!  I was the center of attention the whole afternoon and really, what could be better?  I am Cassie Austin now and am on my way to my new home with people I will love forever.

I am Cassie Austin and this is my family!

Little Helper

I love Sundays because there are usually a lot of little jobs to do around the yard.  This morning foster dad installed some sort of spring on the gate so it will automatically shut if left open.  That job didn’t involve me as much as I had hoped because the gate remained closed while foster dad worked on it from the outside.  I did supervise from inside the yard, though.  I was really able to help with the next job.  I sat on the hose while a big barrel of something was being filled with water.  I’m sure there’s no way this could have successfully been completed without my assistance.  I think I’m done for the day with chores so it’s back to hunting lizards and laying in the sun.  Foster mom said we were having company this afternoon so I guess I’d better rest up for the occasion.

This hose isn't going anywhere while I'm sitting on watch.


This is what I did all day…

Guarding the bricks

…because I knew sooner or later there would be some action by those bricks.   All of that stalking and waiting, and not to mention the lizard incident earlier, combined with the heat of the day, made me quite sleepy.  I’d say I deserved this nice little nap tonight.

Please don't wake me until it's time for bed.

Ha! Got One!

I am very proud of myself.  What an accomplishment, don’t you think?  Come on…you have to agree, I am spectacularly fast.  Let me explain.  Foster dad worked from home today which is always nice for a dog because it means I get to spend a lot of time both inside and out.  When foster dad was sitting outside with his laptop “working” as he said, I was right there with him because I am, of course, the ever faithful Cassie.  As he’s “working” away, I’m on the patio next to him scanning the immediate area and making sure he’s safe from encroaching wildlife.  I saw something shoot out from under the patio umbrella stand and leg it to the nearest bush.  That was it.  I was out of the starting blocks in a fraction of a second and lunged for it as it leaped in the air for cover.  I’m happy to report that I finally caught a lizard and I did it as it, and me, were in full flight.  Foster dad was not happy and made me drop the lizard on the ground.  He’s got to understand that just like him, I’m a “working” breed!


I spy with my little eye something in the pool...

Look what greeted me in the pool this morning.  The swimming frogs are back in town and they’re in my pool.  I abandoned the order for Kitty Alert and have moved it to Frog in the Pool Alert.  Unfortunately foster dad scooped it up seconds before I could coax it over to my favorite top step lounging area where I could have made a play for it.


I can be a bit obsessive about a few things.  The one I’m on right now is the space where those feral kittens were hiding.  I’m convinced there’s something else back there besides dead leaves and possibly a snake.  Simon says there was even a tortoise back there once and no one can figure out how it got there.  Foster mom got a bit frustrated with me this afternoon and decided it was time to pull out the portable fence and encourage me to stay away from the pile of bricks and the shed.  I spent a lot of time inspecting her handiwork… do I get around this?

…and decided it was pretty good, but I was better.  I have amazing balance and just had to have a closer look.

I just don't believe you...I know something is down there.

Alas, there was nothing and foster dad called me in for dinner.  My obsession for food usually overrides my obsession for imaginary wildlife.